Verde Valley Archaeology Field Institute is a program of the Verde Valley Archaeology Center. Through the Field Institute we are proud to offer guided hiking tours  and archaeology classes exploring a variety of archaeological subjects such as pottery identification, prehistoric architectural and agricultural methods, and more. 


 Archaeological stewardship refers to a preservation movement that focuses on protecting and maintaining archaeological sites for future generations. For several years, volunteer site stewardship has been recognized as an effective way to help protect archaeological and historical resources. The Arizona Volunteer Site Steward Program is administered by Arizona State Parks and Trails. The Verde Valley Archaeology Center supports this effort through its Verde Valley Site Watch program. We support the Site Steward program in monitoring about 160 sites on the Coconino and Prescott National Forests. We are also the managers of six private archaeological preserves owned by the Archaeological Conservancy.


 Archaeology is the scientific study of the material remains of past human societies. It is one of the sub-fields of anthropology. 

At the Verde Valley Archaeology Center, our focus is on the ancient cultures who have made the Verde Valley their home for over 12,000 years. These cultures are the ancestors of today's Hopi people as well as the Yavapai and Apache who still reside in the Verde Valley. We offer  classes on a variety of related topics. Check the Calendar to learn what classes are being offered.

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Archaeology Tours

As the official nonprofit educational partner of Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot national monuments, we offer guided tours to the monuments and hikes to  private archaeological preserves. 

Tours are offered Labor Day through Memorial Day. Due to high daytime temperatures, we do not offer most seminars during June, July and August although custom, private tours can be arranged.

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